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About Marieke Penterman

Marieke Penterman was born and raised in the Netherlands where she grew up on her parents 60 cow dairy farm. This is where her passion for dairy cows and dairy farming began. After getting her Bachelor's Degree in Dairy Business, Marieke started a career as a farm inspector

In the meantime, her future husband, Rolf Penterman, emigrated to Thorp Wl, and started a 350 cow dairy farm with his brother in May 2002. Marieke followed Rolf a year later. Once in the United States, she missed the cheese from back home and began researching how to start her own business. Marieke decided to get her Wisconsin Cheesemaking License. She worked with a local cheesemaker and traveled back to her home country where she trained alongside two different cheesemakers throughout the week.

Just four months after Marieke crafted her first batch of Gouda, she captured a golden award at the U.S. Championship Cheese Contest in 2007. Dozens more awards followed including being the first woman to receive the prestigious Grand Master Cheesemaker title at the Wisconsin State Fair in 2011.

The business started with only one person helping in the creamery. Today, the crew is made up of 11 women and one man; a strong and growing team. The dairy farm has prospered to an 850 cow dairy operation; the creamery uses about 10% of the milk produced to craft raw-milk Gouda that is then distributed throughout the country. Rolf and Marieke not only grew a business but also a family; five children between the ages of three to eight