Holland's Family Cheese
N13851 Gorman Ave
Thorp, WI 54771

Phone: 715-669-5230
Fax: 715-669-5260


uubrzcp Reviewed on Mar:20:2013
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Demetri Reviewed on Mar:19:2013
I made our wedding day dnneir for our anniversary, so to make it as authentic as possible, we all dressed up (me in my dress! the boys in their fanciest outfits) and set the table the best we could. We even had cupcakes! Sean was pretty surprised.
Jahana Reviewed on Mar:19:2013
Dana - Hi, Maria! I found you through Melissa Koehler's site and just had to post on how amoeswe these photos are. The 5th one down is one the best photos of capturing the moment I have ever seen. This family was very lucky to have you there capturing it all for them. I am an aspiring photog in GA-not too far from you. Don't know when you started, but you are doing a fabulous job! Keep up the good work!!!

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