Holland's Family Cheese
N13851 Gorman Ave
Thorp, WI 54771

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Welcome to Holland's Family Cheese

Wisconsin Gouda Cheese Specialists Rolf & Marieke Produce Many Different Gouda Flavors in North Central Wisconsin City of Thorp, WI.

Farmhouse Creamery

We combine our farm-fresh milk with traditional herbs, spices, seeds and berries gathered by hand in the Netherlands, ultimately producing products that are authentically Dutch yet made in the heart of Central Wisconsin. Each wheel of cheese we craft is carefully aged on Dutch pine planks, honoring the Old World cheese-making methods our ancestors taught us. We take great pride in these traditions and are proud to share them with you.

Taste The Difference

Exceptional milk makes impressive cheese. We have our cows to thank for that. We treat our cows with love and respect; it is a code we live by on the farm. In turn our herd provides us with full-flavored, remarkably consistent milk. Our cows relax in the sand in our free-stall barns. They have rotating back-scratcher brushes, sprinkler systems and fans to keep them cool. We like to call it the Cow Spa. Visit us and our cows anytime.

Our Gouda Varieties


  • Black Pepper Mix
  • Black Mustard
  • Burning Melange
  • Clove
  • Cumin
  • Foenegreek
  • Honey Clover
  • Mustard Melange
  • Onion Garlic
  • Pesto Basil
  • Smoked
  • Smoked Cumin


  • Young (2-4 month)
  • Belegen (4-6 month)
  • Mature (6-9 month)
  • Aged (9-12 month)
  • Premium (12-18 month)
  • Super (18-24 month)
  • Overjarige (24+ month)


  • Marieke® Golden

Cheese baskets and Boxes perfect for your corporate gift giving needs

  • 3 (7oz) CHEESE - $32
  • 5 (7oz) CHEESE - $52
  • Half Moon - 10 hand cut 5oz. pieces - $67
  • Full Moon - 20 hand cut 5oz. pieces - $99

Custom create a gift basket or select an option from our tried and true collection

Quantity Discount

  • 5-25 gift baskets/boxes - 5% discount
  • 26-50 gift baskets/boxes - 10% discount
  • 51-100 gift baskets/boxes - 15% discount
  • 101-150 gift baskets/boxes - 20% discount

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All our Gouda varieties have won awards. In total we have won more than 60 national and international awards in just five years. Most recent awards:


  • American Cheese Society
  • Marieke® Gouda Foenegreek
  • Marieke® Gouda Aged (9-12 month)
  • Marieke® Gouda Cumin
  • Marieke® Gouda Smoked Plain

World Cheese Championship

  • Marieke® Gouda Smoked Plain
  • Marieke® Gouda Cumin
  • Marieke® Golden
  • Marieke® Gouda Super (18-24 month)
  • Marieke® Gouda Mature (6-9 month)
  • Marieke® Gouda Aged (9-12 month)
  • Marieke® Gouda Honey Clover
  • Marieke® Gouda Black Pepper Mix

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